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Quick Silver Theater Company

Logo Competition

Congratulations to QSTC Logo competition winner Yijie (Julie) Zhu !!!

"Hello! I’m Julie, a visual designer based in New York. 

I love to be a detective, understanding how people live,

their interests, their culture, their struggles, and blending what I discovered to create experience & environments that enhance everyday lives.

I wish you can feel Quick Silver Theater Company's 

Stability, gathering power, Sincerity, Empathy, and Spirit delivered by this logo "

Julie Zhu.png
black 2020 logo.png

Quick Silver Theater Company - 4WORDS - QSTC

Everything old is new again.  As the country and the theater community moves through this time of transition, QSTC too continues to evolve and expand. With this in mind, it is time for our collective to update our company logo to reflect where we are now and where we want to go.  Therefore, we are holding our first Logo Competition.

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