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Each year the Playwrights of Color Summit (POCS) will accept scripts from any playwright for consideration in our annual summer event, and QSTC takes this solicitation and selection process very seriously.


We do not require an agent or nomination to apply, simply the right to work in the United States.  Please submit full-length plays only.  

The submission process for our summit is BLIND, therefore the readers of the submitted plays will not know the ethnicity, age or gender of the playwright.  Submitted plays will be read by select dramaturgs, directors and core company members of Quick Silver Theater Company (QSTC).  We will narrow the submissions down to a semi-finalist and finalist pool. Finalists will be notified via email if they are chosen for the summit.  Please ensure that QSTC has all of your contact information.  

Finalists please note:  Travel is ONLY supplied between NYC and Geneva, New York.


QSTC prides itself on being one of the few black run theater companies in America that focuses on mentoring actors and playwrights of color.


Our summit focuses on developing the plays of emerging 

playwrights of color.  A few invited playwrights will also be considered. 

A majority of the plays considered will come from the BLIND submission.

We want to offer playwrights the opportunity to delve deeper into their work while surrounded by a peaceful environment and supported by a team of collaborative artists. We pair each playwright with an emerging director of color.  Our goal is to help level the playing field and give the writers the space afforded others for more development and refinement.

"It’s all about the words."

Meet our Playwrights and Directors
L - R
Shashone Lambert
Sergei Burbank
Guadalis Del Carmen
Benjamin B.J. Tindal
Christina Nieves
Ines Del Castillo
Shelley Fort
Rhonda Khan
Liz Morgan
Mia Y. Anderson
Ayesis Clay
Thomas Brazzle

shelley fort headshot.jpg
Rhonda Khan FOOD.png
Liz Morgan, Deep Shit.jpg
Ayesis Clay Sculpting Clay.jpg
Mia Y. Anderson Him, Her....jpg
Thomas Brazzle - Playwright.jpg
Ines del Castillo headshot.jpg
L - R
LA Williams
Awoye Timpo
Justin Emeka
Rebecca Frank
Cezar Williams
Kevin R. Free
Timothy Johnson
Taylor Reynolds
Niccolo Aeed
Bianca L. Jones
Danielle Drakes
kevin r free.jpg
Timmy2 copy (2).jpg
danielle drakes.jpg
Treynolds Holla Headshot.jpg
Niccolo Aeed Headshot.jpg

Each staged reading will be followed by a QSTC conversation with a guest moderator and the artistic team. This will allow the playwrights to receive immediate feedback  within their requested parameters.

QSTC Summit Moderators
Tony nominee and Grammy winner
Reg E. Gaines
Renown playwright and Professor of Dramatic Arts
at the University of Connecticut
Michael Bradford
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