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2024 POC Summit Donation Page

In our continuing effort to support Black and Brown playwrights
on their journey, Quick Silver Theater Company (QSTC)
will be returning to our full Playwrights of Color Summit (POCS), Nozomi Williams (NYC) Reading Series, as well as our
Michael Bradford Residency – Retreat program.
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation below.


Hobart & William Smith Colleges

We are seeking additional support  for POCS
in the amount of $5000.00,
which will be designated towards
transportation, housing, and meals
for our guest artists.

In order to continue growing
our previously established
Michael Bradford Residency – Retreat program, we are seeking an additional $4000.00, which will be put towards the 2024 housing in the Pocono Mountains, and transportation for our guest artists.


Lake Harmony

If you wish to make a direct donation to
Quick Silver Theater Company, 
you may do so by mailing a check
or money order to
Quick Silver Theater Company
520 8th Avenue
Suite 352
New York, New York 10018

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