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The 2018 Playwrights of Color Summit

was an amazing experience. 

Check out the plays presented below.

‘Bear, Woman’ by Inés Del Castillo

Lozen, along with her father and cousin, is on track to creating an innovative and prosperous future for her small town, Morganville. Everything is stopped short when she is raped by Roman; a god who helped found the city and protects it to this day.


In a political game, Lozen is condemned to death for Roman's actions. The entire tragedy triggers deep changes to Lozen's belief system (and her very being) that cause her to transform herself and all those around her as she ultimately gives birth to something new. 

'The Bright Edges of the World' by Shelley Fort.

It’s the anniversary of his wife’s passing and every year he holds a memorial. On the eve of the service, Father falls unexpectedly ill and his daughter returns home.


Secrets are revealed as she sorts through a collection of childhood memories, artifacts, and stories. With the help of his daughters and friends, Father is forced to confront the past in order to prepare for the future. 'The Bright Edges of the World' explores the power of resilience in the face of tragedy. 

'Albino Deer' by Quick Silver Theater Company

is a hybrid work -- part documentary theater, part devised script -- that examines the nature of memory and place.  

Geneva is a town of less than 13,000 on the shores of Lake Seneca in upstate New York. As with most communities, it struggles in the afterglow of a mid-Twentieth-Century boom with a much longer economic decline, embodied in two abandoned emblems of its former key role in national defense and American industry: the decommissioned Seneca Army Depot on the town's outskirts, and long-abandoned industrial site of a foundry that operated in the middle of a residential area. Today, the citizens of Geneva struggle with interconnected issues of earning a living wage, maintaining their health, and a fierce civic pride.

Through ongoing interviews with local residents and experts, an examination of the public record, ancillary research, and creative writing, Quick Silver Theater Company members are drafting a work that will reflect the proud character of this community, examine and contextualize their experience, and ruminate what the last centuries of American industrialization will leave as a legacy for the centuries to come.


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