Founded in 2013, QSTC is a collective of thirteen artists dedicated to amplifying the collective voice, individual potential, and overall presence of people of color, women, and other marginalized groups within the American theatrical landscape. We execute our mission through a three-fold initiative;

    Develop and commission new work by emerging writers of color.


Create space for actors of color and other marginalized communities to explore and re-imagine classical and contemporary texts

in mounted productions.


Facilitate the hands-on, professional training and mentor-ship 

of designers, stage-managers, and backstage crew of color.

"Within a flash life changing moments may occur."









Meet the QSTC Core Company Members


Tyrone Henderson - Founder

Lizan Mitchell - Co Founder

Sergei Burbank

Joniece Abbott-Pratt

Pascale Armand

Candyce Adkins

Inga Ballard

Brian D. Frank Jr.

Dion Graham

Rachel Leslie

Mandi Masden

Flor De Liz Perez

Jody Reynard

Alejandro Rodriguez

Jasmine Rush

Keith Randolph Smith

Curtis Wiley

2020 - 2021

POC Summit

Quick Silver Theater Company's - Playwrights of Color Summit



The schedule for our 2020 POC Summit has been postponed until 2021.  In lieu of our annual summit, we will be supporting our playwrights digitally. 

Congratulations to Phillip Christian Smith


Cynthia Robinson

who have been selected as our Summit Finalists.

We look forward to sharing their projects with you shortly.


Take a trail blazing ride through the dramatic terrain of a new play! In the Fall of 2020, QSTC will ask select Summit donors to join us on

"The Road to the Summit", a virtual journey of discovery in preparation for the Playwrights of Color Summit for 2021.


We are looking for an Audience Representative to complete a team composed of the playwrights, the dramaturgs, and the QSTC company liaison. The team will assist the playwright in traveling through the landscape of the play in search of its untapped potential. 


At strategic points during the year the team will "ZOOM" together to offer the playwright new perspectives the play has revealed via their individual routes. Next spring, as the destination of "The Road to the Summit" draws close, we'll come together to celebrate our journey as a bon voyage in preparation for the Playwrights of Color Summit.



The Michael Bradford Residency playwrights will include:

Renee' FlemingsMyxolydia Tyler, and Pascale Armand.

Following the conclusion of the Summit, QSTC will continue to work with the research residency playwrights to ready their work to be presented as a staged reading as part of our

Citizen One Reading Series in the fall of 2021.


We are Quick Silver Theater Company. QSTC - 4Words

Since our founding in 2013, QSTC has been dedicated to amplifying the collective voice, individual potential, and overall presence of people of color, women, and other marginalized groups within the American theatrical landscape. Whether onstage, backstage, or in the various areas of production, our mission is and has always been to cultivate space for the creative endeavors, artistic excellence, and intellectual exploration of BIPOC playwrights, directors, designers, stage-managers, and administrators. 


We are dedicated to an artistic process deeply rooted in freedom. Freedom to soar beyond the limited imaginations that have traditionally surrounded Blackness and the myriad of Black experiences in the American Theater; freedom from the racism, oppression, and white supremacy that permeate the halls and stages of the most lauded theatrical and cultural institutions in our nation; freedom from the constraints and restrictions continually placed on our abilities, talents, and potential. 


We appreciate the statements of support from various theaters across the country, throughout our city, and we encourage and challenge those institutions to follow through with action. 


We take pride in the fact that, since the beginning, we have never been neutral. Black Lives Matter is the backbone of QSTC. We have always valued Black Lives. We have always exemplified tenacity, beauty and strength in adversity both on and offstage. 


For theaters seeking to do the work of BIPOC creatives and artists to elevate and cultivate a culture of equity and value, we have worked with and mentored many with which we would love to put you in contact. You need only ask; we can bridge you to them.


Moving forward, one thing is certain if it wasn’t clear before: You cannot tell our stories if you don't respect our lives. 


For creatives and artists who are seeking a place to be seen, heard, and valued DAILY, we are excited to work with you.

QSTC Playwrights of Color Summit Playwrights:


2016: Sergei Burbank, Guadalìs Del Carmen, and Shashone Lambert

2017: Sergei Burbank, Christina Nieves, and B.J. Tindal.

2018: Inés Del Castillo, Shelley Fort, and Quick Silver Theater Company Collaborative

2019: Solo Female Artists, Mia Y. Anderson, Ayesis Clay, Rhonda Khan, and Liz Morgan


QSTC Playwrights of Color Summit Directors:


2016: Justin Emeka, Awoye Timpo, and LA Williams

2017:  Rebecca S’Manga Frank, Caesar Williams, and LA Williams

2018: Kevin R. Free, Timothy Johnson, and Tyrone Mitchell Henderson

2019: Niccolo Aeed, Danielle Drakes, Bianca Laverne Jones, and Taylor Reynolds


QSTC 2020/2021 Virtual Summit participants:


Playwrights: Cynthia Robinson, and Phillip Christian Smith


2020/2021 Michael Bradford Residency Playwrights:


Playwrights: Pascale Armand, Renee’ Flemings, and Myxolydia Tyler


Dramaturgs: Taylor Barfield, Michael Bradford, A.J. Muhammad, and Arminda Thomas


Citizen One Reading Series Playwrights and Directors:

Thomas Brazzle – ‘Turner’                                                             Tyrone Mitchell Henderson – Director

Dwight R. B. Cook – ‘A Prayer’                                                      Tyrone Mitchell Henderson – Director

Jimonn Cole – ‘Organization of Dunsinane’                             Caesar Williams – Director

a.k. payne - ‘On Rayton’                                                                 Awoye Timpo – Director

Kamilah Bush – ‘What.’                                                                  Rachel Leslie – Director

Timothy Johnson – ‘Listening to the Trees’                              Tyrone Mitchell Henderson – Director

A. Emmanuel Leadon – ‘Short Rib’                                              Timothy Johnson – Director

Cynthia G. Robinson – ‘When Night Falls’                                 Caesar Williams – Director

Guadalìs Del Carmen – ‘My Father’s Keeper’                           Awoye Timpo – Director

Marco Antonio Rodriguez – ‘Bloom’                                            Rebecca S’Manga Frank – Director

Lisa Strum – ‘She Gon’ Learn’                                                        Candis C. Jones – Director


2019 Episcopal Actors Guild

Thomas Barbour Award


a.k. payne – ‘BURNBABYBURN: AN AMERICAN DREAM    Joniece Abbott-Pratt – Director

Kareem M. Lucas – ‘A Boy & His Bow’                                      Zoey Martinson – Director

Reynaldo Piniella – ‘Black Doves’ (Award Recipient)          Emily Lyon – Director

Quick Silver Theater Company's

2020 Received Grants.

Quick Silver Theater Company  is pleased to announce that we are a 2020 recipient of the Dime Community Bank Fund for NYC Theatres grant, formerly the Nancy Quinn Fund. The Dime Community Bank Fund for NYC Theatres, is a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York)
Quick Silver Theater Company
is pleased to announce that we are a 2020 recipient of the
NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund
(A Statewide Theatre Regrant Program)

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the reading of Pearl Cleages's

'Angry, Raucous, and Shamelessly Gorgeous.' 

Check out the photo flash on BroadwayWorld

by Lia Chang HERE

QSTC is a recipient of a matching grant from the GE Foundation
Quick Silver Theater Company is a 2017, 2019, and 2020 recipient of the
NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund
(A Statewide Theatre Regrant Program)
Quick Silver Theater Company
is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas.


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