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Quick Silver Theater Company
2022 Events

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Michael Mobley is a Brooklyn-based playwright. He’s a two-time Regional Finalist for the John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play.
His play, “Monsters” was a finalist for the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference and The Playwrights Realm’s Scratchpad Series. He has had his work supported by
Atlantic Center for the Arts.


In "Monsters", three black haunted house performers become the monsters they portray, which asks the question: are monsters made or are they born? When their supervisor unexpectedly resigns and need a replacement, one of the performers sees the promotion as a way to get out of his terrible living situation, but for the other two performers the promotion becomes more deadly than the haunted house itself.

2022 Michael Bradford Residency Playwrights
L to R
Cris Eli Blak, Michael A. Jones, & James Anthony Tyler

Cris Eli Blak.jpg
Michael A. Jones.jpg
James Tyler.jpg

Staged Reading of Phillip Christian Smith's 'Minding Miss Mae Mae'
at the
Adirondack Theatre Festival

2020 POC Summit Finalist

mae mae.jpg

Virtual reading of Renee' Flemings play 'The Missing.'

Recipient of the QSTC 2020 POC Summit Michael Bradford Residency


Virtual Reading of Kamilah Bush's

'Nick & The Prizefighter' - Winner of Sarasota's Urbanite 2021 Playwright competition

Selah Thompson is the caregiver for her famous playwright father, Forest Thompson. Nick Beerman, a young writer and dramaturg is tasked with helping Forest complete his life's work before the clock runs out. Selah must fight for control of her father's work, his legacy and find her own rhythm as she prepares to face the world without him.

'By Me You'll Never Know'.jpg

2020-2021 Virtual Events

QSTC Musical Theater Master Class.jpg
Writer Accountability Group

QSTC Writers’ Accountability Group Outline

Mission Statement

Established goals for such groups is: 

  1. to regularly engage in the act of writing; and

  2. establish realistic benchmarks to achieve before the next meeting. 


By dint of being sponsored by QSTC, this group aims to be so much more        than a generic postgraduate writers’ group; as this group exists within the    broader framework of a company oriented to serve BIPOC artists, QSTC will   endeavor to help decolonize the canon through accelerating and solidifying the output from our community. 

Contact Information

Thanks for submitting!

If you are interested in joining us for our Winter 2023/2024 group, please fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch as we prepare for the next session.

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