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Quick Silver Theater Company 

receives Episcopal Actors' Guild

Open Stage Grant

Quick Silver Theater Company

'Albino Deer'

Featured in the Finger Lakes Times

as part of POC Summit.

Part documentary theater, part devised script, Albino Deer is a memory play / play on memory that examines the nature of memory and place.

For three years, Quick Silver Theater Company founder Tyrone Mitchell Henderson has brought a company of actors, directors, and playwrights to his hometown: the City of Geneva—a community of less than 13,000 in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York—to host the company’s annual Playwrights of Color Summit.

As Geneva struggles with industrial decline, embodied in abandoned emblems of its former key role in national defense and American industry, the citizens of Geneva struggle with interconnected issues of environmental and economic justice while maintaining fierce pride in their hometown.

Over the past three years, company members became enmeshed with the Geneva community, and it has emerged through ongoing conversations that many Genevans have been falling ill.

Remarkably, many cancer survivors in Geneva did not know of each other until they were in shared conversation with theater artists from over three hundred miles away.
Inspired by the potential of conversation and the redemptive power of telling one’s own story, QST embarked on a year-long series of conversations with individuals intimately acquainted with the political and environmental issues affecting Geneva’s citizens. Albino Deer has been arranged by QST resident playwright, Sergei Burbank.


The resulting work, still in active refinement, is subject-driven; as such, it has grown from an investigation of a specific process of environmental remediation to rumination on what the last century of American industrialization will leave as a legacy for the centuries to come, the role of science in public life, and the very nature of death.

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